Saker du borde veta om vi skulle bli BFF:s

Delvis inspirerad av det här och delvis för att jag tycker det här jag skrev på Facebook för hundra år sedan (eller okej, 13 februari 2009) är rätt kul, så kommer här 25 saker om mig som du kanske inte visste. Eller som du borde veta om vi skulle bli bästisar. Eftersom jag använde engelska i mycket högre grad då än nu blev det här på utrikiska, detaljer är dock uppdaterade – i vissa fall förklarade – för att vara aktuella.

1. My first name is Rut.
2. The apartment I live in now is my seventh. I have also lived in two houses.
3. I have visited all the continents except South America.
4. Spring is my favorite season, but I love every season, as long as it’s sunny.
5. I love to read and always have a couple of books on my waiting-list.
6. I grew up in Brönstjärn which is hard to pronounciate even for some Swedes.
7. My dreamcar is an Audi TT Convertible. Silver or light blue. (Still is, even though now I sort of have one.)

Den var t.o.m. "ursäkten" till vår första dejt.

TT:n var t.o.m. ”ursäkten” till vår första dejt.

8. I have two families, the Moréns in Sweden and Rolles/Hazelwoods in Indiana.
9. I have a twin sister and one older brother. And one bonus sister in Indiana.
10. I’m no big fan of tatooes, but I know what I would get if I would get one. I’m not though.
11. I’ve dyed my hair only once and I’m never doing it again.
12. My goddaughter’s name is Lovisa and she was born March 30th, 2008.
13. My last car, a Saab, was named Zacke (Zacharias) and I had him between March 2012 and October 2013. Before that I had Peggy, a Peugeot. My first car, Montoya, was a Toyota. I officially don’t have one now, both the Ford and TT is Anton’s.
14. I played the piano for eleven years but hardly remember anything anymore. My mom and dad still has the piano and when I’m moving to a house I’m taking it with me.
15. I love dancing. It always makes me happy.
16. My favorite restaurant in Terre Haute is Texas Roadhouse. In Skellefteå = Bryggargatan.
17. My first trip abroad was to the Canary Islands in 1990, my most recent to Switzerland in March 2014.
18. Flowers tend to die in my care so I only have cactuses in my apartement.
19. All my grandparents are dead.
20. In July 2008 I took motorcycle license and in October 2008 I bought a motorcycle. I sold it in June 2013.
21. I collected stuffed meese (one moose, two meese) for a long time but only have three left, in our storage.
22. I love history.
23. I’ve learned English, German, Spanish and Russian but only consider myself fluent in Swedish and English.
24. I’ve been to the USA six times but Norway only three.
25. My right index finger has a scar since I got it stuck in a tin can when I was a kid.


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